Dining etiquette of knife and fork in Western Restaurant

1. To eat Western food, we usually use knives and forks, and there are more than one pair, often two or three pairs. Usually you need a knife or spoon in your right hand and a fork in your left hand. If there are more than two knives and forks, they should be taken from the outermost to the inward in turn.

2. The way to hold the knife and fork is to hold the tail end lightly and press the index finger on the handle of the knife and fork. The spoon can be taken by the way of holding the pen, while the way to ladle the soup is from inside to outside. It can also be adjusted slightly according to the personal habit of using the hand.

3. When eating with a knife and fork, you should fix the left side with a fork, cut a small bite with a knife, dip in seasoning juice and send it to the mouth. When eating larger vegetables, they can be folded and sliced with knives and forks.